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It's time to change some money!


This is a somewhat wild spin-off of a traditional concentration game. Your aim is to clear the board by clicking on individual squares.

If two currency symbols underneath the image match, the corresponding tiles are cleared. A general currency symbol () is wild, it matches everything.

If two symbols don't match, you can turn them back by clicking on any tile and loosing additional 10 seconds. Alternatively, you could enter an approximate amount of exchanged currency in the bottom box - just start typing and press ENTER when done. Use BACKSPACE for editing. If your precision is within 5%, both tiles are cleared and you win 5 seconds against the timer.

Once the image is broken into pieces, you can start clicking around. Click on any piece and see the action.

For starters, can you do it under 30 seconds? If the board is clear, click again to restart.




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